The Definitive Source of Cosmetic Consumer Intelligence

To be successful in this challenging market place requires a deep understanding of the consumer. Who they are, where they shop, how they engage with retailers and brands and what influences their purchasing decisions. The Beauty Diary consumer panel is able to provide this insight.

The ‘WHY’ Behind the ‘BUY’

The Beauty Diary identifies the ‘why’ behind the ‘buy’ thereby unlocking opportunities and increasing sales. The consumer insights coming from The Beauty Diary’s rich database provides a definitive source of cosmetic consumer intelligence, defining beauty attitudes and usage, beauty segmentation and purchasing frequency across all population and demographic segments and retail channels.

The continuity of the panel ensures that trends can be correctly defined and analysed.

Tracking the Internet Channel

A key feature of The Beauty Diary is the ability to provide insights across all channels including the internet. The Internet has emerged as a new viable channel for beauty purchases offering both price and convenience benefits. Internet now represents circa 6% of prestige beauty market and is the fastest growing channel for beauty sales. Understanding the current and future impacts of this channel requires the new tools that The Beauty Diary can provide.