Dynamic Analytics allows business users with a standard web browser to build and edit reports dynamically, intuitively, and interactively using both relational and OLAP data.

Dynamic Analytics make it easy and efficient for business users to generate information on a self-serve basis, in accessible graphical formats, for day-to-day decision making. With Dynamic Analytics you will have access to a complete suite of powerful but easy-to-use reporting tools.

With our online reporting and its intuitive user interface you can immediately:

  • Start designing expressive OLAP reports*
  • See what your data really means with advanced drill-down graphics including Expandable Pie and Bar Charts showing underlying information
  • Build HTML charts or dynamic flash-animated charts and extend your OLAP reports with impressive graphics
  • Intuitively visualize relationships between two or three measures via the unique Moving Bubble Chart
  • Create your own dashboard to see just the data you want to see, dynamically, when you need to see it, and make modifications, again dynamically, for quick and easy strategic analysis
  • Easily perform advanced time analytics
  • Visualize data mining outcomes and understand them intuitively and in depth using the Data Mining Report
  • Conduct rich, multi-dimensional data analysis using the innovative Side-by-Side Chart Grid feature

*OLAP Report. A pivot table that lets the user design the report online by dragging and dropping measures, dimensions, and levels.

CASE STUDY: Accord Sales Survey

In 2010 having won a tender process, bU AUSTRALASIA was contracted to produce the ACCORD** Sales Survey and we continue this contract today.

The Accord Sales Survey is a Dynamic Analytics report of ex-factory sales.

**ACCORD is the national industry advocate for the consumer cosmetic, hygiene and specialty products.