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Beauty Analytics


POS Reporting  

Fast tracked POS Reporting provides weekly granular level data and brand benchmarking through the key Department Store Channel.

Consumer Tracking

Through a longitudinal panel of 13K+ Australian Beauty Shoppers we track on a week-by-week basis consumer purchasing behaviour and attitudes to determine where people shop, why they purchase and key shifts between channels. We measure and report key KPI’s across the entire Beauty Marketplace: omni-channel, brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, brand stores and salon/spa.

Penetration, Frequency, Share of Wallet, No. of Shoppers, AWOP Units, AWOP $, Time Shoppers, Leakage, Loyalty.

Key Reports

Weekly POS Reports
Australian Cosmetic Market Report
Omni-Channel Business Mix Report, The Shift Between Bricks and Clicks
eRetailing Tracker

Brand Boutiques Tracker

Salon/Spa Tracker

Data Resources to Inform and Drive Your Business

In developing strategies to grow your category, defend your shelf space, or increase market share, you need comprehensive insights to inform every stage of the decision-making journey. Our Data Resources  provide clear understandings of consumer behavior—online and in-store—across retailers and brands. Armed with these understandings, you can identify opportunities to reach new buyers, appeal to changing consumer tastes, and win loyalty. 

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