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Our Mission

At bU we are committed to sourcing and providing powerful market intelligence that defines the complexities of the market and enables our clients to make fact-based decisions and effectively create successful business strategies.

bU Australasia is the leading provider of market analysis, including POS Data and Longitudinal Consumer Tracking analysis for the Australian Beauty market.

In today’s difficult and complex market-place success depends on two critical factors – quality information and insightful analysis.

Our Story

bU Australasia has continuously serviced an extensive client base of Australia’s largest cosmetic companies and retailers since 1999.

bU Australasia enables clients to deliver greater business efficiencies. Key to building and maintaining client relationships has been the company’s propriety software, proven and effective techniques and systems, a database of exceptional integrity, a high standard of professionalism and superior customer service.

Working with bU our clients:

  • Track and benchmark performance within and across retailers and channels

  • Identify consumer purchase behaviour trends

  • Save time through ‘real time’ analysis

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Obtain the foundation for planning future strategies

  • Gain leverage with a focus on ‘what is really important’

To be successful in today’s challenging market place requires a deep understanding of the consumer. Who they are, where they shop, how they engage with retailers and brands and what influences their purchasing decisions. Our business is able to provide this insight.

The ‘WHY’ Behind the ‘BUY’

We identify the ‘why’ behind the ‘buy’ thereby unlocking opportunities and increasing sales. The consumer insights coming from our Shopper Panel’s rich database provides a definitive source of Beauty Category consumer intelligence; defining Beauty Attitudes and Usage, Beauty Segmentation and Purchasing Frequency across all population and demographic segments and retail channels.

The continuity of the panel ensures validity of trends defined and reliable high-quality analysis.

The Definitive Source of Beauty Consumer Intelligence

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